Message from Marie – July 2016

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Hello Everyone

Its been a lovely week of sunshine, many are enjoying their days getting out to do some work in their gardens or just strolling around enjoying the warmth.

The tradesmen have almost completed work at site 16 despite the bad weather we have had to compete with in June. Luckily it only caused us small delays and work is back on track now. The site 16 home is looking fantastic.

Sandy is set to move in to her home in early July, she cant wait to unpack, settle in and begin to socialize with you all.

Tony from 48 and Janet from 90 have been busy setting their homes up and adding their own personal touches to them. They have both been pleased with everyone making them feel welcomed.

We send our best wishes to those who have been unwell and wish you all speedy recoveries, its also nice to see Lynn, Betty and Helen are on the mend.

Yours Sincerely

Yours Sincerely,